Now Hiring

Storybook Parties is hiring additional Princesses and characters to Host Birthday parties, do Appearances Etc.
Princesses need to be at least 16 years old, good with kids, have a fun and outgoing personality and have reliable transportation.

You should be able to work unsupervised Completing birthday parties as planned.
You will need to arrange two Free parties within 30 days.
For your friends and family at their homes, This will get you started on booking your own parties. Booking parties is not required but will help you make more money and keep you busy.

We are having a get together event Saturday June 3 at 2pm 226 South 200 west Brigham city.
If you have a princess dress or costume please bring it. If you have a dress that could be changed to look like a princess dress please bring that.
 If not I have several dresses you can use.


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