We are not Disney princesses, we are storybook Princesses.  Princesses have been around for hundreds of years.  The colors of our costumes may have been inspired by Disney but they are not Disney dresses or costumes.

Below you will find a list of characters and who wrote about them.

Princess list

Cinderella, brown hair Gold Shoes   Inspired by Into The Woods

Cinderella, blonde hair, glass slippers   original story by Charles Perreault in 1697.
And in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, that version was portrayed in the stage play and movie Into The Woods.  All in all more than 345 versions have been found. 

Beauty  (Belle) 
 Beauty And The Beast originally written by Madame De Villeneuve  1740
Little Mermaid 
Originally written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1837

The Snow Queen (Elsa) 
Originally written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1844

Little Red Riding Hood
Originally written by Charles Perreault and Trina Scharf Hyman in 1697

Alice in Wonderland
Originally written by Lewis Carol 


Lego People 

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