Storybook Academy

Our storybook parties.   The imagination.  We can go to far off India or the island of Bora Bora, or Necker Island that is owned by one man.  One man owns the whole 

We have a party given by the king and Queen of camelot.  Where the men s

Your birthday child picks their favorite character to come to their party.
We have Princesses, Heroes, block people (like Legos) and Mine people (similar to MineCraft).  Characters that strive to live by the Storybook Academy Code. 

 The character is accompanied by some one from the Storybook Academy 

Storybook Academy Code:  
A graduate of Storybook Academy is

Hard working with out complaining
They believe in themselves and their dreams.
They over come adversity and continues living by the code and believing in Themselves

To book a party click here

Each guest receives a certificate of officially being a Hero  
Each guest receives a photo of the Character and the Character signs each one. 
Pictures are taken through out the party.
You are free to take pictures and video as well. 

 The Pictures  will be up loaded to the internet on a secure website where the photos can be viewed and downloaded. There will be a sticker on  that has that URL.

To Book a party click here

All photos and video taken by the Storybook Academy will be used on the Internet, web site 
and for advertising.

Guest list is required 24 hours before party for personalization of certificates and crowns. 
A song list of the party girls favorite songs is also required 24 hours in advance. 

Pricing for Character parties

#1.    30-45 min for just an appearance, photos and one song.
Birthday girl receives a tiara, princess certificate and a princess necklace.
Everyone receives a signed photo of character.
Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz will give the birthday girl a certificate of residency and a necklace.
Lego people and Minecraft will give certificate and a gift.

All characters
$50 is required at booking
Treesmomparties@gmail.Com for questions.

#2.    60 min for the Story Book Academy

Each guest goes through Academy Training to be a princess or a resident, Wonderland or Oz, Lego world or Minecraft world.
Birthday girl receives a tiara princess certificate, princess necklace, signed photo.
Each quest receives a tiara, princess certificate and signed photo.
Alice and Dorothy will give a certificate of residency and a necklace.
$10 per guest, 5 guest minimum. Alice and Dorothy and other characters. 
$12 per guest, 5 guest minimum. Princesses.
$25 prepaid deposit is required at booking.. 
 Balance due 48 hours before party with guest list and song list.
Additional guests $13.00 if not prepaid.

#3.  90 min for Princess Academy and make your a personalized photo album. 

Or other craft project.
Each guest goes through Academy training to be a Princess or a resident. 
They receive the crown, certificate, a necklace and their craft project and signed photo with princess parties.
Alice and Dorothy will give certificate, necklace and craft project.
$15 per guest,  5 guest minimum.   Alice and Dorothy and other characters. 
$ 17 per guest, 5 guest minimum. Princesses 

$25 prepaid deposit required at time of booking.
Balance due 48 hours before party with guest list and song list.
Additional guests $18 per guest, if not prepaid.
Treesmomparties@gmail.Com for questions.

Add on to party or buy just this item.

We Have Bounce Houses.

$5  A 5-10 minute phone call. Can be FaceTime or Skype with character or regular call. 

Especially fun at Christmas with Santa or any time with a favorite character. 

$5   A mailed letter from character wishing them a happy birthday.  Includes signed photo.  Or From Santa Claus at Christmas time. 

$5   A mailed official certificate.  A Declaration of "You Are Now A Princess."  or "You Are Now A Resident Of OZ"  or wonderland.  

Any other character or place you can think of.  Just email us and we will do our best.

$30 singing telegrams from one of our characters.  Regular song or silly goofy song, Birthday, get well, We can even do "Adult" versions.


Little Mermaid
Wedding Princess
Snow Princess

Coming soon


Other characters available now.

Alice in Wonderland 
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Little Red Riding Hood

Santa Claus

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