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The Story Book Academy is a bit like 
Harry Potter's Hogwarts

It is where Story book characters come to learn the things they need to know.  Story book characters include Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from Oz, Jack in the Bean Stalk, 
Little Red Riding hood, Peter Pan and Wendy Etc.

Story Book Academy includes 

Super Hero Academy 
Where boys and girls become Super Heroes. They learn Super Heroes are Helpful, Hardworking, Cheerful, Friendly, Kind and stand for fairness and right.
 Princess Academy
Some Princesses weren't born Princesses, such as Cinderella, and Belle.
Some that were born Princesses were kidnapped or hidden away to keep them safe
such as Fiona, Sleeping beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel.
Some Princesses were born into one world but moved to a different world
such as Little Mermaid and Giselle.

This is where they all learn to be Princesses.  Your child will be crowned a princess and declared an official princess by one of the above princesses.

Ghost Hunters Academy

Zombie Academy

Here is the list of our parties
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Storybook Character Parties


zombies Un-Dead party:  coming soon
for boys or girls, professional make up artist teaches the skill of making yourself look like a zombie.  How to make your clothes look like a zombies.  The we all walk the neighborhood as zombies.  It's all videoed and you have a DVD to experience the fun over and over again. 

Ghost Hunters party        coming soon
Great for tweens 10-14 or any one who wants to learn how to go about Ghost Hunting from an experienced paranormal investigator.  
We then go on a haunted history tour or to a reportedly haunted location depending on the city you are in. A Cemetery scavenger hunt is included.  

We are always working on new fun ways to party, so check back often. 
And if you have an idea for a party let us know.  We are professional actors we can figure it out for you. 

Santa Claus

For Princess parties click Here Here comes Santa Claus & Nana Claus Yes folks, it is that time of year again when we ...